for Governor of  Michigan, 2018

If you want a voice, you have a choice!

Hello, Michigan--


 My name is Todd Schleiger, and I am running for Governor of our great state in 2018.


Most elected Representatives seem to have forgotten why they have been elected.  They were elected to be OUR VOICE, but they only seem interested in lining their own pockets.  I will not play their game and join the Status Quo.  I will enforce our Constitution, and those who have taken an OATH to protect it WILL be held accountable. I promise to end the corruption in our courts and legal system. I will resurrect the common law Grand Jury as the people's tool, and bring back justice to our justice system.


Health Insurance is a huge issue all across our Nation, this is one issue I will guarantee to fix in Michigan. Our insurance companies have been bleeding the public long enough, if it's mandatory it needs to be affordable.


If you're like me and believe Michigan needs real change, please join our team.  Let's make Michigan the State of New Beginnings.


If you want a voice, you have a choice.....VOTE SCHLEIGER IN 2018


Upcoming Events


Speaking Engagement's

we are currently looking for 10 to 15 people from each of The democrats, republicans, and independents parties.


for a q&a forum in lake orion,mi.

it will be held at the lake orion public library in the month of july.


please contact chris ruzzin at

When the people fear their Government, there is Tyranny,

When their Government fears the people, there is Liberty... Thomas Jefferson

Do you feel like this walking into court?


Simply put, our court system has evolved into a debt collection agency, and is no longer acting in the interest of justice


Attorneys and judges alike have allowed corruption to run wild in our court rooms. Their loyalties lie with the State Bar Association, not with the people they defend or place judgment for or against. Judges are abusing their powers on a daily basis, broadening the laws to fit almost any scenario they wish.  In other words, activism from the bench.


Some say we are protected by the Judicial Tenure Committee which oversees the actions of judges.  The problem is that the Committee itself is entirely comprised of other judges, presenting us with a glaring conflict of interest.  While they play golf, go out for drinks and have dinner together, we are falsely led to believe that they have our best interests in mind when we are standing in front of their bench.  This is where I believe the common law grand jury would come into play, a system of real checks and balance of non-biased persons. We will put an end to the corruption in Lansing and in our courts,


By the People, For the People...


My goal is to literally bring the government back to the people.


Our current state government forces all tax increases by appropriation bills, which keeps the people from voting on them.  Michigan residents have begun to take notice, turning down tax increases, such as Prop 1 by an 80% vote.  Despite this, Lansing went over our head and shoved it down our throats with a 7 cent increase to our gas tax and a 40% increase to our registration fees.  I will change the system to one where the people must have a say in any and all tax increases.  In addition, new laws will no longer be deceitfully passed by being tucked into an unrelated proposition.  Each and every bill will be represented to the people.





If you believe like I do that serious change is needed in Michigan, I invite you to be part of our team. Together we can make Michigan a state of new beginnings, rebuild our middle class, and move forward towards a better and brighter tomorrow.

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