for 2018 Governor of Michigan


" When the people fear their

       Government, there is Tyranny,


            When their Government fears

              the people, there is Liberty... "


                          - Thomas Jefferson

 1) Bring 500,000 new jobs to Michigan in my 4 years as Governor.


 2) End the corruption in our Courts and Legal System.


 3) Shrink our State government and it's spending, making it as lean, green, and efficient as possible


 4) Reduce taxes for the people of Michigan.


 5) Eliminate personal property taxes on your primary residence only.


 6) Revamp our state tax structure, eliminating all loop holes.


 7) Improve our state roads and highways without increasing your taxes.


 8) Improve our funding of our public schools by ensuring state lottery revenue goes to our schools,

not the general fund.


 9) Provide full disclosure on all funding and spending.  Michigan residents deserve to know where their tax dollars are being spent and how.


10) Hold monthly township hall or fireside chats with the people of Michigan, efficiently keeping in touch and listening to the voice of the state.



How will I improve Michigan's schools?


Our schools are funded by numerous portions of our tax structure, here is the breakdown.


Sale and Use Tax = 42.6%

General Fund = 2.1%

State Lottery = 5.5%

Miscellaneous = 5.9%

Federal Revenue = 12.5%

Property Taxes = 13.4%

Income Tax = 17.7%

Other ? = 0.2% Imaginary tax?  I find it hard to believe they don't know where it comes from.

This is the breakdown from the Michigan State Budget Office, 13.2 billion in total. These are from the 2013 fiscal year.

Finally, our State Lottery was created to help raise money for our schools. Here is the breakdown.

Schools = 20-30%

Winners Paid = 50-60%

Lottery Administration = 10-30%

As Governor, this will be restructured to do more for our children and their schools.  To clarify, the lottery was created to help fund our schools. For every dollar spent on the lottery here in Michigan .50 cents will go to our Department of Education for our schools, then out of that remaining .50 cents 60% to the winners, 20% to the schools, and 10% to administrations cost. This will, of course, result in smaller prizes, but the true purpose was to help Michigan schools. Plus with the legalization of Cannabis or Marijuana, the state will bring in another One Billion dollars to help fund our schools and infrastructure, creating more jobs.

How will I bring jobs to Michigan?


The most difficult task as Governor will be to bring jobs to our State.  I will personally accept this challenge head-on.  We need to communicate with companies in and out of Michigan to find out what it will take to get them in our state and in northern Michigan as well.


Tax incentives are one way to attract businesses that will hire our people in Michigan.  This would include greater incentives for building farther north and low interest loans as well.  Most importantly, we need to make Michigan a more attractive atmosphere than our neighboring states.  This cannot be accomplished strictly from a financial standpoint.


Conversely, big business must also play by the rules.  Closing the "dark stores" loophole that allows big-box retailers to dodge their tax obligations is a top priority. We will also lower and restructure the tax system, making it easier and affordable for companies to operate in our Great State, lower taxes equal more jobs for the people of Michigan.


I will completely restructure the entire tax system here in Michigan, effectively eliminating the property tax on your primary residence only. Michigan collected $131.7 Billion dollars with all taxes combined, yet our budget is only $56.2 Billion.

Let me make something clear, this will not affect the budgets for our schools or safety services. My budget for our schools will be set at 20 Billion dollars effectively raising teacher’s pay to a minimum of $60,000 annually.




What will I do to fix Michigan's roads?

Michigan is ranked #6 in the country with the highest gas tax.

We pay 60.80 cents per gallon of fuel, yet only 17.18 cents of this tax goes to our roads. Something is wrong with this picture!


Most states spend between 65-80% of their gas tax revenues on their roads.  Michigan spends 28.26%.


As Governor, I will not raise our gas tax like some of our representatives are suggesting. Instead, I would use the tax revenue collected for what it is meant for and bring up the usage to the national average of 70-75%.  Simply allocating the gas tax properly would bring our roads and bridges to a much higher standard of safety.


All of these numbers have been compiled from the



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