for 2018 Governor of Michigan


     Michigan is my home, along with nearly 10 million other people who truly love this state. We enjoy all four seasons from spring to winter; we have a robust tourism industry from our thousands of inland lakes to our great-forested lands of northern Michigan including our upper peninsula. We are the only state in this great nation that makes contact with four of the five Great Lakes, which brings people from all around the world to enjoy their vacations on our shores and to live in our beautiful state. If you were to travel around our state, you would see such diversity from the ways of our many different peoples living here.


     As of 2016 University Rankings, we have five schools listed on the top 200 list, one in the top 10 being the University of Michigan at number 8, Michigan State University at number 24. Others mentioned on the list are Wayne State, Western Michigan, and Michigan Technological.


     What I will bring to Michigan will be full Accountability, Equality, and Integrity.


" The People need someone to stand up and actually fight for their rights and families,

                                                                                                 and I am that person. "

- Todd Schleiger

School Reforms

Higher Education

     Our schools are underfunded and mismanaged. I will change all this. I have spoken with many teachers from different districts and different class levels. Most have shown their disdain towards common core and their shortcomings in pay.


     We need to do away with common core for the simple reason it ties the hands of great and creative teachers to teach. We will still be pushing hard for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics or the STEM programs.


     Our current budget for our schools is $15.2 billion dollars. I will raise this to $20 billion dollars. I believe by investing in our children leads to a brighter future. By us investing more money into our schools and teachers, there also comes a higher sense of responsibility and ACCOUNTABILITY. We as a State need, and I stress the word NEED, to rebuild our sense of community. Our schools should be the center of the community. I personally think and believe our children are our most precious assets and deserve to be all and whatever they choose to be and prosper to their maximum potential.


     In addition to the added monies that will be put into the schools budget, we also need to update some of our schools keeping them current and safe for our children. In many cases, it is cheaper to fix and repair our buildings than it is to just vacate and build new ones. This frivolous spending is a major part of tax and spend ways that will be eliminated from the budget. We also have school buildings that have been out grown that could be revitalized and used for boys and girls community clubs, tutoring centers and social gathering centers. There are many different uses for these community centers.


     This administration will also be tackling the lottery system in Michigan. This system was put into place to help put additional funding into our schools. I will adjust the system to put even more than the current 5.5%. It will have the effect of smaller prizes but it will be used for what it was originally intended.


     The pride in our schools should be the pride of our communities, a safe and clean place for our children to learn and grow.


     One of my greatest concerns with the way our tax dollars are spent towards our schools is the underfunding of the teachers’ pay. I have said repeatedly the minimum pay for all teachers in Michigan will be $60,000 dollars. No teacher should be spending from his or her own paychecks on supplies for their classrooms period.


     I as Governor will bring the first two (2) years of community college into the public school realm to better help our youth gain a foot up toward their higher education and life learning.

     For higher education, we must make it more affordable to the people of Michigan. All Public four year Universities will follow the discounted rate to the people of Michigan.


     If your child attends the public schools of Michigan for the following lengths of time, these are the minimums:


7 years= 25%


13 years= 50%


Central Michigan University


Eastern Michigan University


Ferris State University


Grand Valley State University


Lake Superior State University


Michigan State University


Michigan Technological University


Northern Michigan University


Oakland University


Saginaw Valley State University


University of Michigan


Wayne State University


Western Michigan University


     Our public universities (thirteen in total) profit in upwards of over $400 million dollars, some of this could be used to offset the discounts. As Governor, the idea is to give back to our driven students and make higher education more affordable to the citizens of Michigan. This creates a demand for students to enroll in our Schools and make Michigan a national leader in education.

Tax Reforms

     My platform is based upon three components, ACCOUNTABILITY, EQUALITY, and INTEGRITY.


     Our tax structure is excessively complicated, but I plan to change all that. We will lower some taxes and eliminate others at the same time eliminating all the loopholes and I mean all of them. Our middle class is being torn apart and left behind.  Our economy and this great nation was built on the backs of the middle class.  As Governor, I will help rebuild our middle class by lowering the state income tax.


     In order to be fair and make a well-informed decision we will be forming a committee of our peers. This committee will be made up of six small business owners and six larger business owners. Together they will put together a tax structure for the people of Michigan along with the businesses; I and the legislation and senate will then look at this tax proposal. If it is fair and feasible, it can then be placed into Law.


     The State Income Tax will be a flat tax with three tiers:


1.00---150,000 will be a rate of 2.5%


150,001---350,000 will be a rate of 4.25%


350,001--- on up^ will be a rate of 6%


     By doing this, it will give 80% of our families in Michigan a tax break. Another way we will be helping families in Michigan will be by eliminating property taxes on their primary residence only. If you own a second home you can afford to pay property tax on your second home.


     Some have asked me how we will pay for our police and fire personnel if we cut out the property taxes. Corporate income tax was raised in 2011 to 6%, but does that mean all businesses are paying the same rate? NO! Our businesses are paying completely different rates across the state. My plan is to lower this rate to 3% to all businesses, bringing some down to that rate (mom and pop businesses) and others up such as banks and insurance companies.


     Business property taxes are all over the board as well, each of the 83 counties have different levels or rates. This will also change under my administration. We will set an average for the state. By including the elimination of all loopholes, the “Dark Store” scenario will be put in check and eliminated


The state of Michigan brings in $125.9 billion dollars a year if you combine all the taxes.


     By stopping the misappropriations of our tax dollars, and applying those for what they were meant for will help. As Governor, the plan is to cut $20 billion in taxes and still balance the budget. The tax and spend has to stop and the Accountability of our elected officials has to happen if we as a state are going to strive for greatness.


Gas Taxes

     Michigan’s gas taxes are deplorable; repeatedly the state government likes to tell the people that we only pay 26.3 cpg of gasoline, but this is not the truth.


     Let me give you a break down on the true taxes on our gasoline.


26.3 cpg excise tax,


16.12 cpg other state taxes and fees,


18.4 cpg federal tax,


     This gives us a total of 60.80 cpg on every gallon of gas we buy. Now if we take Uncle Sam’s tax out of this total, that still leaves us with 42.42 cpg of tax on gasoline just from state taxes alone. However, our state officials are only spending 14 to 15.5 cpg on our roads and bridges. No wonder our roads are in such bad shape. Our taxes collected from our usage of gasoline and diesel are strictly for the upkeep of our roads and bridges, not for our state government private slush fund. These numbers are collected from the American Petroleum Institute as of their April 2018 report. The API reports on all 50 states gas and diesel taxes.


     Our current state government feels it has to raise our taxes on gasoline to fix our roads, even though the people of Michigan have recently turned down their proposal 1 by a resounding 80% no vote. Michigan currently is ranked number 6 for the highest gas tax but if Prop 1 had passed, we would have been the highest.


     Let me throw some numbers at you, Michigan’s population is 9.9 million, we will use one car per person just to simplify this equation. Most families have two or more cars. So if there are 9.9 million cars and an average of 16 gallons of gas to fill their tanks that comes to 158.4 million gallons of gasoline. This works out to a little over $67 million dollars a week or $3.49 billion dollars a year in state taxes just from gasoline. This is just the state tax, not counting the federal tax dollars or the taxes on diesel fuel. If we include the diesel fuel taxes, we are right near $12.5 billion dollars for our roads per year. So why does Lansing persist on raising our gas taxes? Because it is a lucrative way to justify a tax increase, just by saying it is for our road repairs. Please keep in mind these numbers are figured on the low side just for a quick reference.


     Here is how I will handle our road repairs… First, I will return our gas taxes back to 48.66 cpg, which includes our federal 18.4 cpg tax as well. Then instead of just using one-third of this tax for our roads, I would use 100% of it to repair our roads not just a slim portion of it. In addition, put a law into effect allowing only these monies to be used for their specific use of roads and bridge repairs, for which they were meant, nothing else. If at some time into the future we begin to accrue a surplus in this fund, then we give this either back to the people or lower our tax on gas and diesel. This will be decided on by the people by a vote not our government.


     This seems to be the preferred method of the “Status Quo” tax and spend, then tell the people you need more money for some repair to our infrastructure. The misappropriations of tax dollars have gone on way too long and needs to stop.


     When I am elected Governor of this Great State of Michigan, this will all change, and your elected officials will all be held accountable for their actions. Accountability, Equality, and Integrity will be the new rule of thumb.


500,000 New Jobs

     Now the Governor’s Office does not technically create jobs, but with restructuring of our taxes effectively eliminating some and lowering of others will bring the jobs to Michigan. Along with bringing our public schools up to speed with skilled trades and vocational classes into apprenticeships and internships across the board will definitely get things rolling into the future.


Let me give you a breakdown of my picture on where these new jobs will come from.


250,000 jobs will come from our need to update our infrastructure alone over the next 4 years. This includes the lowering of our carbon footprint by investing in solar and wind renewables.


100,000 jobs will come from the legalization of marijuana and the hemp industry. This new and profitable industry will have many aspects to it, and must be monitored and taxed appropriately. Jobs created with it will be as such, each separate and managed such as transportation, growers, and dispensaries. I also believe this needs to be kept in state only, just with the people of Michigan, I do not want other states and countries to profit on our people from this industry. I also do not want big pharma to come in and take over from the people as well.


150,000 jobs come from the lowering and restructuring of our tax system. Companies will want to come to our great state and open their doors for business. Along with our current companies, they will hire more to grow and expand.


     For our Veterans I will open up all medical facilities equally for them to receive health care coverage.  Our veterans shall never receive a bill from any medical field in Michigan. I will work with the Veterans Affairs office in Washington holding them to their promise to pay their 80% share, and then work with the medical facilities around our Great State to serve our veterans with the honor they deserve. Medicaid will cover the rest.


There are only two requirements to this program:


      1)  The Veteran must have a Honorable Discharge


      2)  They must be a current resident of Michigan for at least 10 years


This applies only to the Veterans not family members


Health Insurance

Auto Insurance

     The average cost of Health Insurance in Michigan is between $1,200 to $1,400 a month for a family of four with a deductible of $3,000 to $5,000 per individual. These are numbers from Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Our families have been bled dry for less and less in benefits and yet the costs keep going up.


     My plan is to open up Medicaid to the people of Michigan, NOT as a welfare benefit, but as a competing health insurance policy with premiums and deductibles and co pays. This will include full health care coverage with specialty care, prescriptions, dental, and behavioral health at the cost of $600 to $700 per month for a family of four with a deductible of $1,500 per individual. This will force the large Insurance companies to compete with the State.


     With this plan, we already have a fee schedule in place making the transition easy and quick. This includes a new way of taking your insurance from job to job without losing your coverage, effectively eliminating the waiting period for your insurance to kick in.

     This is a huge issue with the people of Michigan and yet our State Representatives have profited from the high costs through the lobbyists.


     My plan is simple and effective. I will take our state back to an at fault state and make the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Account an option instead of mandatory. This will lower the cost down 47% to 70% actually making it affordable.


     Michigan is one of only a handful of states that have adopted “No-Fault” insurance regulations. This means that regardless of fault, in an accident all parties involved will receive rate increases because each of their insurance carriers are liable for all damages. I will make repealing The No Fault Automobile Insurance Act of 1972 a top priority.


     To add to Michigan’s No. 1 ranking as Worst Auto Insurance Premium Rates in the Nation is the mandatory unlimited lifetime medical benefit paid for by the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Account. This is why our auto insurance rates have doubled since Governor Snyder took office in January 2011. I will work with the legislature to make this benefit optional, allowing an auto insurance carrier to offer $250,000, $500,000, and $1,000,000 caps.

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